A Bit About Us Q&A

EST. 2011

It's taken a year to add this page to our online shop. But you asked, so here it is.
From our Charleston shop, your most popular questions answered.

Question: So what kind of store is this?
Answer: The official answer is...we are The World's Smallest Department Store. We have a linen department stocked with Le Jaquard Francais and a Bar & Lounge Department that the Men seem to really like. We used to have a sporting goods department (a folding bike), but we sold it, so for a while we called the bar department the Sporting Goods Department. We have recently been expanding our Apothecary and we are now carrying a lot of hard to find fragrances. We are looking forward to getting Eight and Bob in next month. In the King Street shop we also have a killer Eyewear Department full of Eyebobs and we also sell lighting.
Question: What is your theme here?
Answer: We don't have a theme. We like good design. I guess Form and Function would be our only requirement. Stuff that looks good and also performs a task. 
Question: Are you related to the store next door (Lily)? Is that your husband next door?
Answer: Yes and Yes.
Question: Why don't you knock that wall down (between Lily and Old Road Mercantile)?
Answer: Because good fences make good neighbors? We call it the wall of Matrimonial Bliss.
Question: What about that picture on the back wall. How can I get one?
Answer: The photo is from 1910. Looking South on Charleston's King Street. It was the inspiration for our store design. It's also the header photo on our website. You can find it on The Library of Congress website. 



Sweet Peach Blog
Pamela Berger
I love a clean and pretty aesthetic. Perhaps that's why the shop Old Road Mercantile in Charleston, South Carolina caught my eye during a late night stroll last weekend. ORM is actually one of two shops, (Lily being the other) owned by husband and wife team, Lin and Kevin Isler. Together these stores, located next to each other on historic King Street, exude Southern charm and offer a plethora of great gift ideas.

Charleston City Paper
Best Tiny Expansion 
Susan Cohen

Lily has always been a favorite of ours on Lower King Street, selling one-of-a-kind jewelry, Tokyo Milk beauty products, and creative greeting cards out of a tiny space. The store recently expanded with an equally tiny home goods-oriented shop called Old Road Mercantile. Calling itself the “World’s Smallest Department Store,” this is the kind of place where you buy goods worthy of a design blog, from colorful Le Jaquard Francais kitchen towels to organic tea and delicate hourglass kitchen timers, and even Charleston-born products like Magar Hatworks millinery and Jack Rudy tonic. Honestly, though, we wish Old Road Mercantile was much, much bigger, and full of much, much more stuff, because we’re sure it would all be amazing.